The Disc Golf Guy is Terry Miller of Pewaukee, Wisconsin | PDGA #10738. In January of 2010 I decided to do a video blog. Originally it was to do product introductions, event reviews, and anything else that came to mind. However, it quickly transitioned to mainly player interviews and basic event footage. Look for enhanced coverage anytime I visit a big disc golf event.

I am the owner of Lifetime Disc Sports, LLC where I am honored to say that my full time job is promoting disc golf.

Some background about The Disc Golf Guy:

Current Age: 36
Year Started Playing: 1993
First Tournament: 1994
# of Tournaments Played: 500+
# of Tournaments Run: 120+
Divisions Played: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro II, Pro
Current Division: Professional (since 2000)
Primary Sponsor: Innova Champion Discs
Websites: & &

Contact Me:

Twitter: @thediscgolfguy
Phone: 414.803.3307
Facebook: TheDiscGolfGuy