Over the years I have had a few people donate to my cause simply because they like what I do.  I cannot express just how grateful I am for the amazing people that have done this.

The PayPal button below will allow you to make a donation of any amount.  This button will go directly to my PayPal account and will be put toward things such as travel costs, food and lodging, and equipment and web hosting.

Another amazing site that exists is Patreon.  This site allows you to “pledge” any domination for each vlog I produce.  If you wish to give a quarter, a dollar or ten dollars per blog you can do so.  You can even set a cap so if I have a really busy month it will do the batch process at the end but cap it at your limit.  So if you pledges $5 per blog with a cap of $20 in a month and I put out 20 vlogs that month you would only be charged the $20.

Thanks for the support you give by watching, liking, subscribing, donating or becoming a Patreon!